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Hello friends!  My name is Asia Ludlow.  I am a single mother of 3 and a 2-time cancer survivor.  I was first diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 38, after finding a lump in my breast. However, it was not the lump that prompted me to go to the doctor.  A week prior, I temporarily lost hearing in my right ear. Losing my hearing finally motivated me to go to the doctor.  While at the doctor I mentioned the lump in my breast, and that maybe they should take a look. 

A Letter From
Our Late Founder
12/13/69 - 7/2/14

Breast cancer does not run in my family, therefore I was not too concerned. Nonetheless, the doctors told me I could not leave the building without immediately scheduling a mammogram. The next day I was at the hospital for a mammogram and an ultrasound with instructions to return the next day for a biopsy.

This was the beginning of what I call “my long dark journey”.  On the third day, my hearing fully returned. That is when I realized God took my hearing away to remind me that I needed to listen to my body. After my original diagnosis which included a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, hair loss, and reconstructive surgery, I finally felt like my battle was over.


Unfortunately, that was not the case. In January 2012, I was re-diagnosed after experiencing severe neck and back pain that eventually led me back to the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.  They discovered a new tumor in my neck, cancer in my bones, lymph nodes, and spine, concluding that I now had Stage 4 cancer.


During both diagnoses, I was unable to work and struggled with financial hardships, at times not knowing what I was going to do. I thank God that I was blessed with a loving and supportive family, along with a community of friends to help me through my journey to beat cancer and to survive!


Along the way, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women and families that are experiencing similar journeys with cancer.  The only difference is that some of them did not have the same support and resources I had. God put in my heart that my journey would also become my purpose.  A Woman Like You Foundation of Kentuckiana, LLC was founded in 2014 to promote cancer awareness within the community by uplifting, empowering, educating, and providing resources to women and their families as they go through their own journey with cancer. I am now walking in God's will to serve others.  It is my purpose!










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