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The Spotlight: Asia Ludlow

Ashley Anderson | April 18, 2013


Radio personality Asia Ludlow defeated cancer once already; now she’s fighting the disease again, not just for herself, but those who’ve been or will be diagnosed in the future.


As the 2013 Survivor Ambassador of The Julep Ball, held May 3 at the KFC Yum! Center, Ludlow will share her cancer journey and promote the James Graham Brown Cancer Center – benefiting charity of the ball – at various Derby festivities in the coming month. Following an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Ludlow was introduced to the Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville. The leading facility helped her through every step of her cancer journey, and it will once more as the single mother of four battles Stage 4 cancer. Ludlow recently underwent radiation treatment with the cancer center’s new Louisville CyberKnife, making her among the first to benefit from the technology which became available in October 2012.


While many would feel defeated from not just one, but two cancer diagnoses, Ludlow has maintained an optimistic attitude and hopes to impart her positive strength on the world around her.


– Ashley Anderson, Staff Writer, The Voice-Tribune


Four years after a double mastectomy, you received your second cancer diagnosis. What went through your mind?

I fell back and I told Dr. (Anthony) Dragun that I’m going to be a miracle, and I’m going to make it through this.


If I can get through it, I can be that person that tells (others) and shows them that cancer doesn’t mean you have to walk with your head held low.


This is just the path that I am chosen to walk. It’s not about me, it’s about God.


What’s your prognosis?

With the amount of cancer I have in my body, the average is two years. But that doesn’t have to be my story.


What’s helped you most during your cancer journey?

Every single doctors appointment that I had, my sister Denita or Venus or my mom (Marcia) or one of my daughters (Italia, China, Zion and Stephanie), they’re at every single doctors appointment.


(And) the doctors at the Brown Cancer Center, they’re not my doctors, they’ve become my friends.


How does it feel to be chosen the 2013 Survivor Ambassador of The Julep Ball?

Being the ambassador has given me so much joy and purpose in my life. I’m truly grateful to God, first and foremost, and I’m truly grateful to my friends from the Brown Cancer Center for seeing something in me, and it’s an honor to have this position.


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