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What type of assistance does A Woman Like  You Foundation give to cancer patients?

A Woman Like You Foundation strives to provide supplemental financial assistance to single women and their families. That means that we supplement existing financial resources to pay for non-medical expenses that are not covered by other programs (such as Medicare, fuel assistance, etc.)


The types of support given to a client are customized to that client's situation and financial needs. Listed below are some of the expenses A Woman Like You Foundation would support:


  • Rent, mortgage Assistance

  • Utilities assistance

  • Groceries assistance

  • Travel expenses to and from chemotherapy and

radiation treatments

  • Prescription assistance not covered by other sources

  • Prescription and insurance co-payment assistance

  • Other special expenses to support quality of life


We do not make payments directly to our client. Instead, we make payments directly to the vendor, such as the mortgage or utility company. We also establish accounts at grocery stores or gas stations for our client and his/her family.

NOTE: We do not cover direct medical expenses, nor do we provide primary care services. Also not covered is personal travel not associated with approved treatments.

In addition to setting up accounts, we work with our clients to find other resources. For instance, we will advise clients to visit the Area Ministries or visit our resource page.


Who is eligible for assistance?

A Woman Like You Foundation accepts applications from women who are currently diagnosed with cancer or have been in remission for less than one year.  In addition, all candidates must meet the following two criteria:

1. Residency:
An applicant must be a resident of the Louisville, KY region. Specifically, the individual must live in one of the following towns, which are grouped according to school districts:


  • Louisville, KY


2. Limited Healthcare Coverage:

An applicant must have limited or no health care coverage, and/or have financial difficulty due to cancer.

What does 'supplemental financial resources' mean?

Although A Woman Like You Foundation is unable to fully cover all financial needs, supplemental financial resources are provided. This statement means that we support single women families in the best possible manner with specific expenses that are not covered by other programs (Medicaid, Medicare, town welfare, indigent care programs, etc.) based on our ability to do so.

How long is support provided?
The Disbursement Committee will review the needs of each client on an ongoing basis to reassess the need for increased funding or to decrease and/or discontinue financial support. On the client's application anniversary date, a committee member will also ask families to confirm their need for continued support.


How To Apply For Assistance

Fill out our online application by clicking the link below.  Or you may click on the 'Application for Assistance' space below. This will allow you to download or print out a copy of the application. If you are not able to do so, please contact A Woman Like You at 502-802-3500 or 502-608-7761 and an application will be sent to you.

The patient, a family member or a friend can fill out an application.

If you are having difficulty filling out the application, a member of

A Woman Like You Foundation will assist you.


How long is the application review process?
A decision regarding coverage will be communicated to the applicant within ten (10) business days of receipt of the application, provided that no additional information or research was required.



If you are in financial need...Please email us at

denitaarnold  You may also direct your attention to our Resources page for information and organizations that are currently able to assist with financial need.  

We are constantly working to secure donations for our cause. 


Applications should be sent to:

A Woman Like You Foundation
3050 Hunsinger Lane

PO Box 206146

Louisville, KY 40250

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